Marketing and Press Officer

The Marketing and Press Officer leads and promotes club activities, ideally to increase membership, increase income and/or improve the club’s image. This includes taking responsibility for the marketing plan within a club, liaising with local media and raising the profile of the club within the community. The Marketing and Press Officer should report to the Club Chairperson.
  • To develop a marketing and promotions plan for the club in association with the club’s strategic plan.
  • To secure, where possible, a budget for the club’s marketing, promotions and press activities, in association with the Treasurer, although much of this can be done without a budget.
  • To develop and maintain or update the club notice board, website and social media accounts in line with Club and League Safeguarding guidelines.
  • To promote and publicise all aspects of the club in a positive and equitable way through the production of informative and unbiased newsletters, website updates and regular media releases.
  • To report on club events both internally and externally.
  • To create and nurture relationships with local media and help establish links with local schools liaising with the School liaison officer.

Volunteer Co-ordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator’s role is making sure a strong volunteering culture exists within clubs. Their focus is on ensuring that everyone who volunteers at the club feels valued, developed and supported and has the confidence and knowledge to undertake their roles to the best of their ability. The volunteer co-ordinator will also lead on the recruitment of volunteers for new and existing roles within the club. The Volunteer Co-ordinator will liaise with the committee.
  • Act as the initial point of contact for current and potential volunteers
  • Prepare a Welcome Pack for new volunteers introducing them to your club
  • Give volunteers support, guidance and encouragement
  • Maintain a log with the details of active volunteers within the club

Youth Representative

A Youth Representative will be a crucial role for the club. It means that the Club Committee gain genuine feedback from a young perspective and from its junior members. A Youth Representative also encourages junior members to become young leaders in the club; training and giving them responsibilities to assist in coaching and club events. The Young Volunteer will liaise with the committee.
  • Listen to young people, gaining feedback to help improve their experience at the club
  • Attend Committee meetings, contributing from a young person’s perspective Champion the importance of developing young leaders within the club
  • Encourage young people to become young leaders
  • Mentor young leaders providing coach assistant training opportunities
  • Co-ordinate young leaders to assist in club activities and events
  • Support the collection of young leader voluntary hours so they can achieve the Millennium Volunteer Sport Award.

Pitch Secretary

The Pitch Secretary should liaise with the Facilities Manager, Fixture Secretary and Club Secretary.
  • To ensure that pitches are playable
  • To make sure the grass has been cut
  • To ensure that pitches are marked for forthcoming matches
  • To remind coaches that it is their responsibility to mark pitches in time for their games

Ladies and Girls Football Officer

The role of the Ladies and Girls Officer will be to liaise with Julie Hooper and Stacey Preece to promote both the ladies and girls’ football in the community. They should also liaise with the School Liaison Officer and the Youth and Marketing and Press Officers.
  • Promote the L&G football through Social Media and local schools
  • Liaise with the WFA to help promote L&G football
  • Seek extra funding with the help from the WFA and FA
  • Assist the Volunteer Co-ordinator to get more female coaches involved with the club

Greenhill Catering

To make more use of the Greenhill facility, it has been suggested that NSFC look for a small group of volunteers to work on a rota basis and who will be willing to run the kitchen when matches are being played at Greenhill Drive. This could be another good way of raising funds for the club.
Going forward we would need the volunteers to do an online Hygiene course which will enable the club to sell hot food on match days.
  • Hygiene certificate
  • Hot drinks
  • Bacon rolls
  • Sweets and crisps
  • Bottled water
  • NSFC Merchandise