Corona Virus Update – Returning To Football

As per update on the official Government & FA website on the 12th June;

  • Playing football individually i.e. practise of skills or fitness activities.
  • Playing football with your family or other people living on your household.
  • Football training or fitness activities in groups of no more than six, keeping two metres apart at all times.
  • Football coaching with small groups of up to six people
  • Training for two or more groups of six (including the coach).

During the reintroduction NSJFC will follow the guidelines without deviation.

The Club has been in continued discussion with the Worcestershire FA for additional support, this has been passed to NSJFC Coaches. NSJFC is striving to establish a pathway back to Grassroots football for all of the players.

The season has officially finished so any training carried out is purely on a voluntary basis. There is no pressure for any child/player to attend.

NSJFC put the health of all its patrons, players & family members first. The Training will be only held at Greenhill Drive, during this time the clubhouse (including toilets) will not be available, we will monitor this situation going forward, please ensure appropriate measures are taken in advance to counter this. As and when Government or the FA advice changes the Club will re-evaluate its position regarding training at Greenhill Drive.

During the sessions NSJFC may alter the set up in accordance with Government & FA advice, the club will continually monitor the sessions and amend to ensure the safety of all participants.

Expectations from NSJFC to Players/Children & Parents;

  • Social distancing rules to be upheld at all times by Coaches and Players.
  • Parents/carers will be required to bring their child/children to the training and remain off the field of play.
  • If Parents have to bring a sibling (older or younger) then the sibling should remain with the Parent at all times.
  • Parents to ensure that each child comes with their own drink and hand sanitizer.
  • All Players/Children to bring refreshments.
  • Please refrain from spitting.
  • All Players Confirm availability 24 hours in advance (register).
  • We will avoid congestion during the session.
  • Promote good hygiene.
  • When the session starts or ends the players will arrive & leave punctually.

Expectations from Players/Parents to NSJFC;

  • Fully licensed Coaches to be prepared and organised for the training session.
  • NSJFC to ensure all training allows social distance control.
  • Safe, friendly fun environment.
  • First Aid & Safeguarding measures in place during the sessions.
  • A break (midway) through the training to allow the Player/Child an intake of fluids.
  • Each Player/Child will know what time the session will start and finish.
  • Know what Coach the Player/Child is undertaking their training session.
  • Each session is planned and set up ready for activity

The facilities at Greenhill Drive (where the training sessions will be held) will be closed temporarily whilst the training sessions will be held, we apologise for the inconvenience. We will work hard (NSJFC) to prepare each football training session that will allow exercise, skill and fun and adhere to social distancing and government advice for all involved.

Training Requirements that must be met;

  • Each training session will have a maximum of x5 Players & x1 Coach (a bubble of x6).
  • The Coach will stick with the same x5 Players at all times.
  • An additional Adult/Coach will observe the session (from a distance) but will not participate.
  • The Coach will require 24hr confirmation that the Player is available for the training session.
  • If the Player/Child has any symptoms, has anyone self-isolating or is in a household with underlying health conditions they are advised to follow the Government advice.
  • Parents must remain at the training session at all times in case of emergency.
  • All persons present at the training sessions are asked to follow the Government & FA Guidance on social distancing.
  • If training for two or more groups of x6 NSJFC will follow guidance as set out by the FA (Worcestershire) & Government advice.


The NSJFC will aim to hold training sessions at Greenhill Drive at staggered times (this will allow the Players/Children to attend in smaller groups). Each Coach will forward timings of such sessions once they have been allocated.

Each NSJFC Coach will have an emergency first aid, it is imperative for this reason all Parents/Carers remain onsite during the training session.

NSJFC will be holding training sessions very soon and will be trialling ways to successfully and safely bring football back to the players. Again there is no pressure to resume training if any Player/Child or Parent/Carer have any concerns regarding resuming outdoor football training.

If you have any questions please ask your Club representative, Coach, safeguarding officer, Chairmen or drop us an email.


If you wish to read more from the Government website regarding the phased return of sport please see below.



We want to thank you in advance for playing your vital part in helping our great game get going again. By observing Government guidance and the football-specific protocols, let’s work together to ensure the transition back to enjoying football is as smooth and safe as possible.

But everyone’s circumstances are different, and if you don’t feel your child(ren) are ready to return to football, there’s no pressure. Everyone’s health, wellbeing and safety are the priorities.

Please remember to adhere to the Club (NSJFC), Government & FA Advice.