Under 12’s Rangers

Welcome to Newtown Football Club’s boys under 12’s Rangers team, here you will find information about our team.




Newtown Sports’ current Under 11 Rangers are in their third season and have already experienced the real highs and lows that football can offer up. Created at the same time as a Juniors, the team brought together boys from several Malvern schools. After some tough games against teams who’d come together a year earlier, the boys grew into their first season and were jubilant when they had their first win in the heavy rain at Oldbury Park. There was also a fantastic 2-2 draw against the Juniors.



The second season started well but hit difficult times as the original coach and several key players moved on. However, young Ryan Davis stepped up to take on his first coaching role, parent Andy Fleming came on board to help and the new team made it to the end of last season and were named Newtown ‘Team of the Year’ for their resilience..

Team Sponsors

We would like to thank IDS Indata and Malvern Active for sponsoring our team.